Emc3 = Engineering meets communication ( simulation visualisation translation ) ™

Welcome to ComSpace™, we offer application consulting, business analysis and data architecture designing the communication between cultures, humans and computers. We offer cultural exchange events for staff and coded solutions for an automated and seamless exchange of geometry, data and constraints between design, engineering and art. How does this fit? We believe that business is communication connecting culturally (externally) and via tools (internally). Working across the globe is easier than ever today.

We help with software tools building the business communication between people and computer. We think that computer help with efficiency and transparency when used the right and save way. Our computer and coding expertise is about CAD, PLM, BIM, FEA, CFD, VR, IoT and Smart City environments using for example Autodesk, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, 3dsMax, Dynamo, Forge, MTWO and many more. We help through training and development, application engineering, digital engineering, business analysis, process development, coding and programming to go after efficiency.

We are not architects, engineers, designer, artists or reseller telling you how to do your business. We don’t know your business better, we design your tools that you can be better. We design your processes to suit you. Many of us have a Master or equivalent postgraduate degrees with tens of years of industry experience; we pride ourselves with a ‘can do’ attitude to achieve your goal faster and saver.

Savings don’t fill the pocket, but fill the pocket faster, we say. See some of our project examples, which helped already many companies and people internationally, public companies and sole-traders.

Bilingual Kids is a subsidiary of ComSpace™ providing German lessons as form of a Kindergarten, School Program and offers German to business and traveler. It connects to ComSpace™ through the philosophy of: Happy companies (ideal of ComSpace™ and parent side), which grow happy families who grow happy kids.

Florian Neumayr

Florian Neumayr received postgraduate degrees in business and engineering with majors in product lifecycle management (PLM) and controlling in Germany. He offers 20 years of outstanding industry experience in Building Information Modelling for multistory buildings and warehouses. Living in West Australia, he is counted to the top BIM experts of the Southern Hemisphere which leads him to speak and teach internationally. He has been working for the last 10 years as consultant for a top 2% Global Autodesk Reseller in the Asia Pacific, consulting multiple generations regarding a diversity of projects ranging from $100k to $1 billion. His focus as an application engineer is to optimize the computer as a communication tool. His expertise is to realize workflow studies that offer the flexibility to make room for options and changes while reducing costly repetition.